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  • What We Do

    What We Do

    B2M Solutions optimizes mobile deployments through the application of analytics, which generates quantitative and actionable results to improve performance and return on investment.

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  • Mission Critical

    Mission Critical

    B2M Solutions has always been focused on Mission Critical business processes. These are ones in which any device failure results in a significant interruption to the mobile worker’s productivity. When the work stops, productivity stops and costs go up!

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  • Increased Performance

    Increased Performance

    When and only when you can actually measure and understand the performance of your mobile devices across the enterprise are you able to start improving performance and productivity. The MPO process is a continuous cycle, based on constant measurement and improvement. With each iteration, additional performance and increased ROI are realized.

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  • Proactive Versus Reactive

    Proactive Versus Reactive

    B2M allows you to move to the next generation in Enterprise Mobility Management. In the first generation, MDM vendors allowed us to manage each device and react to device problems. While this is extremely high value, it only allows you to be reactive to device failures. With our current products you can now not only react to device problems but also be proactive and predict them before they ever occur for increased productivity and ROI.

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  • Maximizing Your Mobile Productivity

    Maximizing Your Mobile Productivity

    Utilizing Mobile Process Optimization, B2M delivers the analytics and actionable data necessary to maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce. MPO enables you to continuously monitor, track, measure and improve performance.

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Increasing ROI

Companies undertaking enterprise mobility deployments need the ability to measure the return on investment of these projects. B2M provides an analytical focus on the key metrics impacting ROI, whether it is worker productivity, business process efficiency, operational cost reduction or device utilization.

Actionable Analytics for Ruggedized, Mission-Critical Mobile Devices

Elemez™ from B2M Solutions™ gives mobile device OEMs, managed service providers and enterprise customers real-time operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting the performance and productivity of mobile enterprise deployments.
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Productivity Benchmarks

How do you know what the “best practices” are within your own company or industry? Only through quantifiable data derived from focused analytics specifically measuring your business processes. Utilizing B2M products, you can now benchmark your mobile process performance across your company. This focus allows you to optimize your performance for an increased ROI.

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Lomax Named Chairman Of B2M Solutions
Lomax Named Chairman Of B2M Solutions
New Elemez Software Delivers Holistic, Enterprise Mobility Insights.
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Caines Named B2M Solutions Global VP Sales & Marketing.
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Lomax Named Chairman Of B2M Solutions.
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